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When should you call the vet?

Sometimes it's obvious when your pet needs help but there are some less obvious signs which can become very serious without veterinary attention. Please seek help without delay in the following situations:

  • Your dog's tummy looks bloated and they are trying but failing to vomit
  • Your rabbit stops eating
  • Breathing is laboured, especially in cats
  • Your cat cannot pass urine

If you are not sure whether it is an emergency, please ring for advice.

Road Traffic Accidents

If your pet has problems standing, bring it to the surgery in a basket or use a large blanket to carry it on. Injured pets might be in shock and pain and could bite. Get your pet examined by a vet without delay - even if there are no apparent injuries.


Wrap the affected area in a towel or blanket to stem the bleeding and bring it to the surgery as soon as you can.

Insect Stings

A single sting will not normally cause your pet any serious problems. If they have been stung around the mouth, nose or throat or have received multiple stings seek urgent advice.


Place the affected area under running cold water to reduce the temperature for ten minutes then bring your pet to the surgery for treatment. Do not put anything on the burnt area.


Never put your hands into the animal's mouth. Bring your pet to the surgery straight away.


If you pet is having a fit or seizure do not move them. Call the surgery immediately for advice.

Suspected Poisoning

Bring your pet to the surgery as soon as possible and, if you can, bring the label or name of the suspected poison so that we can quickly research the best treatment. Poisons particularly requiring urgent attention include ingestion of rat bait, garden insecticides and chocolate.


Be aware of your own safety when dealing with electrocution. Move your pet from the source of electrocution using a wooden handle or strong stick. Phone for advice and bring your pet in straight away.

Pregnancy - Giving Birth

Most animals can cope with giving birth naturally. If you think your pet might be having problems, telephone us for advice.